Shipping method: 
     Haier Haier mall mainly relying covered under the country's three thousand line store offers city distribution, design, installation and other related services, to provide users with a fast, satisfaction, rest assured shopping platform. 
     Some products (cell phones, computers, digital and small appliances) to support regional distribution, Haier mall by courier company as a logistics and distribution side, for your service. 
     Delivery range: 
     Haier Mall distribution range to support domestic capital city, prefecture-level cities, and most of the county, township and city. Delivery counties, towns cities to local dealers (Haier store) distribution network prevail, using courier company as a logistics and distribution partner in order to prevail in SF Express delivery range, there may not reach some remote area, please check with the customer service staff . Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions can not be served. 
     Delivery time: 
     Haier Mall fastest limit of 24 hours to support city services. For some remote areas, according to the distribution of distances, it may take 1-5 days delivery time. 
     Delivery costs: 
        Haier Mall currently supports national distribution within the whole range of shipping, O dollars sent home! 
     Commodity inspection and sign: 
     1, check the packaging of goods: goods arrived, please check the packaging is intact, if the packaging is damaged, deformed, you can choose to reject the goods, you can also specify "box damaged" after the words slip out of the box experience in distribution cargo;
     2 Unpacking: Unpacking must request the presence of the delivery personnel, the main test marque is correct, if there is a surface quality merchandise, whether there is a shortage of spare parts, etc., please indicate if there is an abnormality in the delivery note , and you choose to reject or contact Haier customer service center; 
     3, for you have opened the packaging of goods is not to be refused, but the shortage of goods or wrong, except for the presence of surface quality problems of goods; 
     4, if you sign the packaging has obvious signs of damage to the goods and did not indicate in the distribution list, and subsequent re complaints incorrect or damaged goods, I am afraid we can not accept. 
     Special Instructions: 
     The following conditions will affect the distribution 
     1, no spot (in this case the customer service when I shop with buyers to check the order information will be confirmed based on product availability and buyer); 
     2, payment and delivery orders, buyers pay no arrival; 
     3, place of delivery outside the delivery area; 
     4, can not contact the buyer and the buyer does not confirm receipt and distribution of information and other causes of delay; 
     5, due to weather, traffic and other irresistible cause delivery delays.
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