Service Guide
Thanks you for purchasing Mortimer series, grateful to! 
To better protect your legal rights, from your worries, the company implemented service on the basis of "micro-computer repair, replacement and return of liability" in the strict implementation of AQSIQ and the Ministry of Information Industry jointly issued on special make the following commitments: 
First, the service content 
     ● Where to buy the company's products can enjoy one year from the purchase date of the warranty period, the warranty period, the user can enjoy free maintenance services. 
Second, do not fall within the scope of the warranty service 
     Since the date of sale, if they are in any of the following reasons caused the product to malfunction or damage, Mortimer right not to repair or charge a fee when the cost of materials and maintenance workers. 
     ● beyond the expiration date and three packs of free maintenance period; 
     ● failure to require the "Manual," the use, maintenance, custody and led to the failure or damage; 
     ● Non Mortimer authorized service facility repairs caused by malfunction or damage; 
     ● Service to ensure that no dealer fill in the information and products stamped on the card; 
     ● unauthorized alteration service guarantee card; 
     ● Service Assurance Model and barcode number on the card and physical goods do not conform; 
     ● natural or man-made causes of loss and by force majeure factors IC parts damage case; 
     ● due to the poor design of his home produced products matching instability of the situation; 
     ● failure or damage other non-product design, technology, manufacturing, quality and other problems caused. 
Third, a gentle reminder 
     ● Before using, please read the "User's Manual" carefully. 
     ● Users Mortimer when buying products, be sure to check whether the "serial number bar code" on the box is missing. Such as deletions, compared with counterfeit or inferior. 
     ● Also, please buy local monopoly when buying products, not because they are cheap, so as not to be deceived, or to your service trouble. 
     ● Also, please check your product above there is no laser anti-counterfeit mark, you can send text messages or on our website the product
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