Payment method
(A) Payment Payment with my agent 

That is my payment payer payment is the payer (at the time of acceptance has been compared to the acceptor) payment directly to the holder himself conducted by the bill contained; while agents payment is specified by the payer or acceptor other people (usually be a bank), instead of the payer for payment. In reality, the bill activities, contained by the bill payer I direct payments, only bankers' acceptances, in this case, bank acceptance bills as a party that is on the bill debtor to fulfill its debt instruments; for Bank drafts and commercial acceptance bills, it is usually not contained on the ticket payer personally bear the payment, and the agent bank for the payer, in time for the bank bill payer for the agent to other banks, and in time for the commercial acceptance bills places acceptor payer for the agent bank. Distinguish between payments and payment of payer payer payment agent, its significance lies in the different legal relationship clearly recognize the corresponding payment obligations and effects. Acting party payer is not a bill, but only payer of trustees, therefore, are not borne by the agent on the payer bill responsibility, but the responsibility entrusted trustee relations. But note that, in the Negotiable Instruments Law, the agent payer payment, also bears the responsibility to review the same with the payer ("law" on page 57) performed; prompt payment when the payer to the proxy holder, also take effect prompt payment; payer payment in accordance with the law when the agent also take effect bill payment; payer at the time of the agent refused to pay, of course, refused to take effect payment. 

(B) transfer payments and cash payments 

On the Law of Negotiable Instruments, for bill payment transfer mode or take cash, not particularly limited, but in the bank settlement institutionally way to pay a bill for a special limited. Under the settlement approach, when the need to use a bank draft to withdraw cash payer agent shall fill out the word "cash" in the bank draft "draft amount" column, after completing the draft amount ("Payment and Settlement" on page 58) ; and cash bank drafts issued by the applicant and the recipient must both individual applicant or recipient shall be issued when the unit j cash bank draft ("payment and Settlement" on page 59). Judging from the way the provisions of the settlement, the usual bill payment, shall be as transfer payments, only the applicant and recipient contained in the bill for the next person's particular circumstances, it allows cash payments.
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