Shopping Guide
1 Register / Log in 

Before purchasing, please have your home right corner to login or register. Old user input before setting the user name and password; New users need to fill out the registration information for user registration. 

2 buy goods 

(1) Category Search: You can browse the home page, click on the home page navigation bar into the category you are interested to see what you need to buy goods; Category Navigation on the left or in the query you want goods. 

(2) use the search tools: If you are not sure you need to buy the merchandise belongs classification, you can also enter in the search box you need, such as product name or model keywords, click search, the system will be based on your entered keywords to find recommended. 

3 Add to Cart 

You want to buy merchandise in the details page, check the good relevant information, such as color and size (mouse click you can), quantity, election after clicking "Add to Cart", trade will be automatically added to your shopping cart after the shopping cart can be settled; you can continue to select products into your cart and settlement together. 

(1) View Cart 
Products into your cart, choose View cart, or you can also click on the upper right side of the page "shopping cart", enter the shopping cart page, review your purchase merchandise. 

(2) use the shopping cart 
In the upper right side of the page, click on the "shopping cart", the cart can perform the following operations commodities 

a) modify the number of goods 

If you want to modify the number of goods, you can enter the number of the number in the shopping cart at the 

b) Select the checkout Goods 

If you want to purchase some of the goods in the shopping cart, you can check you need to buy the commodities checkout. 

c) remove the Goods 

If you want to delete the merchandise in the shopping cart, you can delete individual you need to remove the goods. 

d) the commodity into favorites 

Login if you are, when you delete a commodity, this product will get into your favorites; If you temporarily do not want to order this product available in the shopping cart, click the "Favorites" button collections can be. 

e) to enter settlement center 

Once you confirm the purchase of goods and correct (including commodity price, quantity, inventory, special offers), you can click on the right "to checkout" button for clearing operations. 

4 confirm and submit your order 

(1) Select or fill in the real receipt of information 

a) If you have ever had to fill in Ule delivery address, you can click directly on the page to select. 

b) If you have not filled out the shipping address, or if you need to use this new shipping address, please click "choose to use the new address", the jump out of the page at the consignee name, region, income details cargo address, zip code and telephone number. 

(2) select the shipping method 

Mall are uniform application of EMS delivery, you can choose from the following two kinds of receipt ways. 

a) personally sign, the courier will work with you personally sign for the parcel, when you receive the goods, please carefully inventory goods. 

b) wrapping station to pick up, when you can not determine the time and place of the sign face, you can choose your shipping address nearby parcels station storage of goods, the courier will wrap your presence you specify postal parcel wrapped station storage box, 7 * 24 hours is preferable. 

Goods (3) check to buy 

The check your purchase, you can return to shopping cart modify product information, resubmit. 

(4) the use of coupons and integration 

You can use the points and coupons deductible amount of orders, points and coupons to use in accordance with the shop, as well as the amount of points each store has a coupon that can be used, please refer to "Points Rules" and "coupon to use." 

(5) Request an invoice 

If you need an invoice, you can click on the "I want to invoice" button to obtain the invoice, fill Invoice. When you fill out the check is good information, please click the "Submit Order" button, go to the next step - payment orders. 

5 split orders 

Ule platform containing self-shops and businesses and stores, shops and businesses self-delivery and after-sales service provided by the merchant, so depending on your purchase order will store and split into multiple orders.
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